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Reply Lupasolis, March 17th, 2017, 7:49 pm

Random thoughts about fire types... So how do smoke detectors/sprinkers in the Pokemon world work around fire Pokemon? Like since Charmander or Alolan Marowak or whatever don't set off alarms every time they enter a public building in the anime, I guess their flames don't produce enough (if any) smoke, but...what about in gym battles? Would a fire Pokemon risk setting off the alarm in a gym or would they not have them in battle areas? I mean, sure Brock had one in his gym in the anime, but like...what if someone picked Charmander? Would a few stray ember attacks have set it off? It's possible the sprinklers are less sensitive to Pokemon's fire or a quick, controlled fire attack wouldn't be enough to trigger it...But if the trainer didn't train their Pokemon well or the fire Pokemon goes on a rampage or something, would that be enough to set an alarm off?

I don't know. It's just something I was thinking about while sketching this page, especially considering Claire's reactions. From a realism standpoint, considering the dangers of Pokemon, they'd probably have smoke alarms that would douse Claire before she could do much damage. As amusing as that might be, I've had enough distractions from the plot as it is. I guess we'll say smoke detectors in every room just wasn't in this place's budget.

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