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Main Team

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Species: Charmander
Gender: Female
Type: Fire

Level: 7

Ability: Blaze

Nature: "Calm"

Biography: Claire Wyght was once a successful trainer until her unexpected transformation into a Charmander. She doesn't how or why she was altered, remembering nothing after her fourth badge win. Claire relies on her intelligence and will over strength, usually winning by luck over any physical skill.


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Species: Human
Gender: Male
Type: Youngster

Badges: 0

Ability: Vital Spirit

Biography: Mason spent his entire life in Pallet Town, eager to start his Pokemon journey. He still struggles with the basics, but has a good heart and plenty of ambition.

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Species: Rattata
Gender: Female
Type: Normal

Level: 8

Ability: Run Away

Nature: Serious

Biography: Roxie is Mason's go-to Pokemon, being his most dependable teammate. In battle, the two fight in perfect sync, using her agility to surprise and outmaneuver foes.

Tail Whip
Quick Attack

Rival's Team

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Species: Squirtle
Gender: Male
Type: Water

Level: 13

Ability: Torrent

Biography: Not much is known about Blue's starter. His inconsistent accent isn't common in Kanto, nor is his black flat cap. Emil is adaptable and unpredictable in battle, often tweaking his moves to suit the situation. His reserved skepticism is a welcome foil to Blue's arrogance, but Emil's loyalty usually makes those differences moot.

Tail Whip
Water Gun

The Box

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The box is currently empty.

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